Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Derby time

Busy time lately with the kids, Thursday was Eli's Musical program at school. It was the first time that we sat in the front row to watch one of the kids programs and Eli made sure it was spectacular. Of the thirty or so kids he was the one clown in the group. Every parents nightmare, he did just about everything imaginable on stage except grab himself before it was over. I can't tell you how many people came up to us after the program and told us how cute he was. I sure they walked away glad it wasn't there kid! Oh well, kids will be kids and he sure had a great time.

Then came Friday night, the big night, the Pinewood Derby Races. I finally finished sticking the wheels on the cars by 5pm and then the races started at 7pm. We got there and had to spend a few minutes making them weight the official 5oz., no more, no less on the digital scale. To make a long story short we did pretty well, Eli was 1st in his group and Jonas was 3rd in his. Not too bad for as little time that we put into the cars.

Stickers really speed up the painting process!

The Line up, Bruce the Shark is still my favorite.
Saturday I went on a solo ride. Started early a little bundled up but by the end of the ride I was down to shorts and a short sleeve jersey. Got home in time to wash cars, bikes, and dogs. Nice day, even managed to get the family out on the bike path for a ride before it got dark.

Today, Brrrrrr, it felt cold after yesterday. Went on the PV Starbucks Ride 8 or 9 others. Small group, I don't know what the deal was but I never could get warm so it was a pretty mellow ride and I was glad to get home.

Looks like rain/snow is in the forecast for the week, bummer, I've got a new MTB to try out. By the way, I've got a 19 inch Fisher Paragon, brand new RaceX Lite 29'er wheels, and a 55cm Lemond Filmore SS for sale. I'll have prices and details up in a day or so.

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Ted said...

Nice job on the cars, and congrats on the 1st and 3rd! Looks like a fun project. I'm looking forward to it.