Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Toys

Today a few super cool toys arrived in the shop. Two Fisher Superfly Single Speed frames and a geared Superfly for me! Sorry, I know what you're thinking, but the frames are spoken for and they are no longer available. If you want a Superfly with gears, we can do that. I got some Race x Lite wheels in black to go with my bike. Maybe I'll actually ride it before the first race this year.

Worked on a TREK 800 from the early 80's that came from Cycle Works in Lincoln, NE. Funny thing is I probably built the bike back in the day when I worked there. I should start a photo collection of all the shop stickers that I see.
65 degrees tomorrow and even warmer in the next few days. It's gonna be windy!

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Coach said...

Ah the 80's @ Cycleworks - the memories...Cooper, Hansen, Beacon, Nordyck, Mason, Ferris, Chris Straight, Jim Witter...Whom I missing?