Saturday, February 14, 2009

Superfly's and rides

The new Fisher Superfly is all built up and ready to go! Now all I need is some dry ground. The way the extended forecast looks I may not ride it before the Bone Bender 3HR Race in a few weeks.

Here's our collection of Superfly's. Two single speeds and one geared.

Got out with the PV Starbucks ride today. I think it was 25 degrees when we got started and ended up a balmy 35 degrees by time we were done. Nice ride as we headed up north to Parkville and around the lake. Even got home early for Valentines day!

Got out last week and rode up to Wyandotte Co Lake. Hilly route and then did a lap around the lake where the road is really hilly and winding. It would be a great road course if you could keep everybody on the road and out of the trees.

What goes down must go up! You can see off in the distance where the road goes back up to the top. Steep stuff!

Tomorrow more of the same, cold but I can't complain. The boys in Lincoln are riding in 5 inches of snow and it's going to be a long time before they hit the trails. Tomorrows ride; Prairie Village Starbucks 10am, don't be late!

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Coach said...

I rode my road bike once about 2 weeks ago. Felt funny