Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hy-Vee Triathlon DesMoines Prize List

I wish I could swim, I wish I could swim........or run for that matter! Saw this on Syd's blog. That's some big money out there for the run, bike ,swim crowd.

Last night was the wife's nite to host her BUNKO group. Do you know what BUNKO is? I don't! All I know is that it involves cards, bells, junk food, and booze. Gather up a good sized group of women and you have a pretty noisy crowd. The boys and I end up doing movie night up in our bedroom before bed.

By time the party ends the boys are out and it's time to go downstairs to check out the Tour of California coverage. Today's stage was cool to watch, no rain and lot's of climbing. Versus has had more than it's share of problems but I guess any TV coverage is better than none.
Sill on the fence about the Froze Toes Road Race this weekend, Eli was sick today and spent the day at work with me. I'm a little worried about what comes next......


ScottyD said...

Holy crap $2500 for 40th. I can dog paddle fast enough to let my running & TT'ing take over, hmmmm maybe time for another shot at Tri.

Laggin said...

The boys are adorable! And, dude, not even people playing Bunko know what it is. It's just an excuse to drink and have people over.

Speaking of...we need to have you people over to drink. Soon.

Coach said...

I did the HyVee tri a few years ago. Cool because it all takes place Downtown DesMoines...At least ehe first year did, last year because of flooding they had to change the venue.

It is a sweet prize list...But applies to only Elite status. And it's clear as mud on USATri's web site how to upgrade to Elite status...One thing I know is that I'd be so far back coming off the swim, I'd never see the front. those guys and girls are fast in the water and the bike and the run. One of the cool things in the Elite level is they allow drafting on the least they did...Would have to review rules.

TP said...

Now that I think of it, we saw a USAT event in Cleveland when we lived there. They did the swim in Lake Erie, ran along the lake, and then the bike course was downtown. The swim started end ended next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Pretty cool setting, big bucks, and I saw lot's of drafting on the bike.

Sounds like a good idea to me!

Trihardist said...

There's an ITU race in OKC in May, if you want a first-hand view of what it's like.

But if you really want to bring in the bucks, you should be saying, "I wish I could swing a golf club." Those pro golfers make some serious bank.