Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tour of California Hangover

So the Tour is over and now I'm really tired. I tried in vain to check out the coverage during the day on Versus but something all ways got in the way. I'd see just enough to get me all fired up for the 10-11pm showing. Problem is.......somewhere around 10:30 I start to fade, by 10:45 pretty much out. I would guess that less than 50% of the time I saw the end of the stage. Being smarter than the average bear I did tape it(I know I'm old school), and some day I may actually watch it.

Last weekend while all of you hardy souls were out racing your bikes I was out participating in a real sport, Bowling! Grandpa was in town so we decided to get out of the house and do something. Pretty amusing taking the boys bowling and as you can see Jonas must be stunned by by expertise, either that or he's yawning, it could go either way.

So here's my latest hangout. The kids are in swim lessons right after school on Tue/Thur. so I've been here quite a bit. Eli is spooked of the water for some reason so we've been up practicing on top of the lessons. Sweet pool and that slide is pretty fun!

I did get a few rides in last weekend and actually got my new Fisher Superfly out on the trails. Light and quick are the key words here, I loved last years Paragon but this is even better. Sunday did a ride with the crew from the shop at Rivertrails on the MTB and then hopped on the road bike and rode back home. Got to say thanks to Scott for hauling my Superfly back to shop and for driving.

All I need now is some sleep..................................


buconine said...

you can watch most of the races live online at

It was sweet having the laptop on my box and watching the toc while working. Boss was less than enthused but like we had anything to do anyway...

TP said...

I'll have to check it out next time there's a race on.

Kind of the same way at the shop for me. Just enough work so I couldn't watch. Of course my boss was watching as much as he could along with everybody else!