Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend review

Saturday was nice, well, the warm temps were nice, the wind, not so much. But, as Tilford would say, you must embrace the wind! As we all know going into the wind is a pain but the tailwind makes it up and then some. Anyway, the ride was long and painful just as I predicted thanks to these two knucklehead's. Just what I wanted so thanks guys!

Stopped at a quick shop along the way and as I was standing at the counter Bill overheard this punk as he pointed at me and said, "check out that dude" to his sister. Only then did I realize that dressed from head to toe in my blue Lincoln Industries clothes I must of looked like a giant smurf. (just google it)
Sundays ride was a "I can't get dropped I don't know my way home" ride. We went northwest through KC and we weren't even out of town and I was lost and had no idea which direction we were going. To top it off my legs were dead from the ride the day before. Another long ride but this time we had a group of 20 or so strong riders. It was a great ride, looking at a map now I still have no idea where we went. I think if I mention Sugar creek and Amoco hill people will know what I'm talking about.

I all most forgot about the TREK KC holiday party. Some good chow with the crew from the shop and then off to do a little bowling. Above I present the "ball yard", yes it's a yard of beer served through a bowling ball. I've got to say that bike racers generally suck at bowling from what I could see. Overall it was pretty amusing to see the whole crew away from the shop.Good times I tell ya.

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