Monday, March 9, 2009

Dam Race #1 and the Ride

On Saturday's ride I got to thinking how great it would be to do the race at Perry and then ride home. After finding out that there was going to be a HUGE tailwind on the way home I had to ask if anybody else was interested. Turned out that Bill, Chris, and Alex were willing and we soon found a driver in Papa Wallace.

As for the race.....we get there and it's cold and windy, nobody wants to be the one to make the move to get out of the van to get signed up. Soon we have no choice and get it done but we still hang out in the van until it's start time. With no warm up we roll off to start the race. About 3/4 of the way through the 2nd lap got off the front with Rob (a KU alum from out east) who I raced with last year at Gateway Cup. I know he's fast so we're off and get a good gap on the group. For 2 laps we were off the front but we just weren't going fast enough into the wind to hold the group off and got caught with 1 lap to go. I hung onto the front of the group for the last lap but didn't much left in the legs for the sprint up the hill to the finish.

On the 2nd lap of the breakaway Rob and I are climbing the hill and "someone" yells....."only 68 miles more to get home". I was amused, poor Rob said he was a bit demoralized. That leads me to the ride home............

So here we are on the highway leaving Perry. Right now we are going 24 mph and we are just rolling along pretty much effortless. Wish I could say the the whole ride was that easy but it's a whole bunch better than slugging it out into the wind. Got to say thanks to Bill for loading us up into the Mercy Van for the ride there and to Papa Wallace for doing the driving. Not too often you roll into your garage with a 21 mph average after 85 miles.

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