Saturday, March 7, 2009

Embrace the wind

Yea, it's spring in Kansas and that means wind. Met at the PV Starbucks for a group ride and since the Spring Fling races are going on I figured on a small group. Sure enough we numbered 7 when we took off. Into the wind we go and after a while it was down to 4. Nice pace line made the wind bare able and we rolled it at a good pace. Got a couple hours in and we kept dry. It's all good.

We made a quick stop and waited ....... Dave decided to grab some food.....and then we waited.....

Wait.......I see someone, can't quite tell, their so far away and moving pretty slow.......

Hmmmm.....looks like a Mercy jersey........

It's Chris coming back to the group. All kidding aside Chris just started riding after a month off the bike. He's suffering now but I'm sure the tables will be turned shortly.

Never realized how often Bill's phone rings. The guys pretty talented at pulling it out of his pocket even in a huge crosswind.

Tomorrow.....possibly doing the Dam race and riding home if the winds right. If not probably get a ride in around KC.

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