Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and Points

I'm going to start this post off with the ugly so we can get to the positive vibe. In my last post I ended harping about the scoring at the Dam race last Sunday. Little did I know that the scoring wasn't screwed up, I had actually been relegated from 3rd to 17th for a center line violation. First off my apologies to the officials for calling them out on the scoring of the race. I should of checked the results after the race and I could of gotten an explanation of where the violation occurred. In any case we were warned about the center line before the race by the officials. My feeling is that the penalties are a little heavy handed for a small local race but it's up to the officials how they enforce the rules.

Over and done, after all the comments at the Crit last night it seems like I've cultivated something of a bad boy image, all I need is a black kit......oh wait, I just got one.

The Bad....... I am toast! Spring break is this week for the kids. That means that I'm home during the days and working at night. Wouldn't you know that it would get nice and everybody wants their bike fixed. I can tell you this, there are no cars on the road at 1am in Overland Park. On 8 mile commute home I was passed by 2 cars. Kinda nice, but I don't think I want to do it all the time.

The Good!

St. Pat's KC Crit. Smoking fast last night, Dean had a 25.5 mph average speed. Even faster if you were in the break and lapped the field! I tried to go with the attacks but after a while the big guns went and it was over. Looking at the riders in the break it seems like training camps and racing in Texas helps.

KC Crit Results:
  1. Shadd Smith
  2. Matt Ankeny
  3. Joe Schmalz
  4. Brian Jensen
  5. Jeff Winkler

Overall Points:

  1. Shadd Smith 10
  2. Matt Ankeny 4
  3. Tom Price 4
  4. Joe Schmalz 3
  5. Mark Cole 3
  6. Brian Jensen 2
  7. Lyle Reynolds 2
  8. Jeff Winkler 1
  9. Pat Angell 1

I'm hoping that last night's results are correct. I depend on Chris and the riders to give me the finishing order so let me know if it's not correct

Joe is smoking fast this year!

Got the boys out on the bike path while it's so nice.

St. Pat's Day Parade. Idon't own a single item of green clothing so I had to pull out the old Guinness vest to fit in.

Now this brings back some memories. The old Rocket boy from the first years of the Trek VW Team.

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