Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend review and quoteable moments

Saturdays PV Starbucks Ride: Nice group of 10 headed out North for a 60+ miler. Nice mix of flats and hills made for a ride that made the legs hurt. They legs hurt before the ride but they were 10 times worse after. Hard to figure that one out sometimes. Anyway, we decided to do the race in Perry Sunday and ride home again. Hmmmm......the legs hurt, longer race, not as favorable wind.......what am I thinking!

Scott took the plunge this week and replaced Alex on the ride back. Thanx to Bill for the for the magic carpet ride in the Mercy Cycling van and to Papa Wallace (aka: ooie, ueie, whatever Bill's kids call him) for driving. First time out the the new Lincoln Industries kits!

Scott and I did the 3's race and for whatever reason most of the 3's did not want to combine with the 1, 2's race. A combined race would of been more interesting but it is what you make it. Our race was pretty animated with people attacking and going off the front. Scott helped set the tempo for the first few laps in an attempt to get his racing legs back in his first race of the year. I attacked on the hill and then later bridged up to a solo rider that was off the front. After a long bridge I get to the guy and he just sits up and wants me to drag him around, not going to work and I just wait for the field. On the next lap Rob goes off the front with another rider in the cross wind section. I bridged up to him and we were off. Another rider got across shortly after that and we quickly got a gap. Everybody took their pulls and we ended up staying away for the uphill sprint. I ended up leading up the hill and just didn't have the jump left in my legs to counter their jump and ended up 3rd. Not too bad as I didn't feel that great and was riding at my limit in the break.

Rob's in the red and white, good to see him get the win.

So while we were racing for points Troy and the rest of my team were doing a MTB enduro in Lincoln. He's holding the 1st place team prize. Pretty sweet and they only had to pay a $15.00 entry fee!
So after the race we saddled up for the ride home into a SE wind. Not good, 68 miles to go into a cross/headwind. Now here's my dilemma, it's spring break for my kids so I'm staying home during the day with them and working nights. Last night was the first night. Let's see, race/ride=90 miles, then work at the shop and stand for 4-5 more hours. I was a bit worried how this was going to work out. Then we started riding back with Adam and a few guys from Lawrence. Yea....a semi free ride to Eudora, and then it was down to 4........ Hats off to Bill and Chris, they pulled the rest of the way to KC and to Casa Wallace. 21-22mph all the way back and I was wasted after hardly pulling. All I know is that it saved my butt getting towed back as I had the energy to go directly to the shop and get my work done.
I do need to thank the wife/kids as they brought me dinner at the shop and then hung out and kept me amused.
I think this is the longest post I've ever done but it would not be complete with out this weekends quotes;
Someone to Dean(FOG or F###ing old guy) "You need a panic button that says, I've fallen off the pack.................and I can't get back on"
At the top of every hill we heard Walt say "I'm still here Bitches"
Sunday after the ride home we had;
Bill as he crawled off his bike after pulling at 22mph for 2 hours, "I think I hurt myself"
Scott at Casa Wallace; to Papa Wallace: "Do you have any coke"? answer Nope, 2 seconds later to MS Wallace: "Do you have any Coke"?
Yea........ we were a little wasted.
Just checked the results and they have me in 17th, after being in a 4 man break for 3 laps you would think they could figure that one out. I should of checked results but I figured since we came across the line at a crawl they could pick the number out. My bad, I guess I'll keep my $30.00 next week and ride at home.

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