Friday, March 6, 2009

This week was Eli's 7th birthday so we decided to let him invite all of his buddies to Pump-it-Up. If you've never been there it's a building full of inflatable slides, agility runs, jumping pits, ect...... Perfect place for 14 seven year olds to run around. In the pic you can see Eli's a happy boy on his kings chair and dad's busy stuffing his face with pizza.

We need this for the shop! We have Rock-Em'-Sock-Em' Robots but this could be the real deal.

Of course what's a party with out cake. This was just before the kid in the yellow started painting his face with the frosting.

I had to make cookies for Eli's class at school for his birthday. Now how does that work.....when it's your birthday you have to bring a treat in for the class. Seems kind of backwards. Anyway, he has 14 kids in his class and I guess I went a little overboard, just a bit. In the end we had enough for his class, all of the teachers in the school, and the kids in aftercare. At least I'm not eating them all.
It's shaping up to be an interesting weekend, there are races and a high probability of rain. I'll probably sit out the races as I'm on day three of a migraine but Sunday still might be in the cards at the Dam race. Maybe Bill can get someone to drive us over in the Mercy van and we can ride back after the race, Bill.....are you out there?

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Coach said...

Good times...Hope you kick the headache.