Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Cancellation

So what do you do when your weekend plans are blown to pieces by a little bad weather? I guess we made the most of the bad weather and got started on a little household project and then went out an played in the snow.

Pulled up the old ugly carpet Friday night because the city of OP was having a free large item pick-up Saturday morning. I'm sure the money I saved having it hauled away will come in handy when I pick up the supplies to install the new wood floor.

Naturally the dust, ect..... from the carpet put me in a allergy induced tailspin for Saturday morning followed by a lovely migraine. Took meds hoping to get out before the snow hit, not happening. Quite a bit of heavy snow, I even bent the handle of my snow shovel while shoveling the driveway

Got up bright and surly Sunday(yea, still had the migraine), had some breakfast and headed out for some sledding. Jonas finally got it down and was ripping on the snowboard.

Made a sweet jump for the kids. Eli's buddy gettin some air!

How not to take the jump! I said lean back but I'm not sure what he did to end up like this.
So I didn't touch the bike one time this weekend but what the heck, when life serves you lemons............


ScottyD said...

Start taking the Vitamin I now to help with the pain your back is going to feel after putting the floor down. I could walk upright for 3 days after putting mine down, but damn it looks good.

McG said...

Stumbled onto your blog from Savorys' way back. Just love the Wish you were here pics. They help keep me motivated through Colo winter. Please keep em coming, Wish I was there.