Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tues KC Crit and the Cake

First off we have the results from week 3 of the KC Crit. So far every week has been different, cold, warm, and now gale force winds.Temps in the 50's with a brisk NW wind made it feel more like the 30's but a big group still turned out for some crit action.

I should of known we were in for trouble when on the neutral lap I told B. Jensen I was cold and he said, "don't worry, it's going to get real warm soon". And so it was.....the attacks came right after the end of the neutral lap and a few laps later the field was blown to pieces. I totally missed the split as group of about 8 went up the road and that was the race. For a while we kept them close and I tried to bridge across to the break twice only to come up about 4 bike lengths short each time. From then on it was just a workout with a few of us taking pulls and slugging it out until the end of the race.

The finishing order that I have is from the racers in the break, not Chris, so if it's wrong let me know. There was much complaining, bitching, whining about how the sprint played out with the riders in the break. Here's the bottom line: Now that we have a yellow line, stay in our lane in the sprint. I'm sure that's what Chris would want as he's all ways preaching the center line to us pre-race.

Nuff said, here's the results: Edited 3/26/09
  1. Brian Jensen
  2. Shadd Smith
  3. David Hejduk
  4. Nick Coil
  5. Bill Marshall

Overall Points Edited 3/26/09

Shadd Smith 14
Brian Jensen 7
Tom Price 4
Matt Ankeney 4
Mark Cole 3
Joe Schmalz 3
David Hejduk 3
Nick Coil 2
Lyle Reynolds 2
Patrick Angell 1
Bill Marshall 1
Jeff Winkler 1

And now on to the cake............

What you have before you is the boys Cub Scout project. A Cub Scout in space themed cake. Here's my time line for this little project.

Monday 8:00pm: Wife is sick with flu and is reminded that this project is due Wed at the 7:00pm Pack meeting. Time for Dad to make the run to the grocery store for supplies to bake and decorate said cake. Kids design cake at this time on a napkin, true engineers. 9:00pm: mom musters the energy to bake cake.

Tuesday 9:00pm: Arrive home after crit to ask still sick wife how cake decorating is going. Response is,"we're not making a F**king cake, it fell apart coming out of the pan". Hmmmmm not good. Shower up and send everybody to bed. 11:30pm, sit down and figure out how to turn a torn up sheet cake into a spacecraft. 12:00pm, shape is cut out and I'm about to puke from eating all of the left over cake. Now to pop the frosting into the microwave to get that runny consistency to spread on cake. 12:30 and the cake is done, frosting on cake is I'm really sick, room is spinning, drink lot's of water. Go to bed........

Wed 5:30pm: Arrive home to find cake as pictured above. The boys did a nice job drawing the design details on the cake and we are done! 8:00pm Meeting over, eat more cake. Thought we would get rid of Spaceship but still ended up with over half of it. No more cake, please, someone stop me........ Wouldn't you know, we ended up winning another cake in the raffle. I've got to figure out how to haul it to the shop in my backpack!


pychstr said...

Hey Tom, Both Nick Coil and Luke Lininger finished in front of me. I'm not sure of the exact order though. I was at least 100 yards behind them.


TP said...

Thanks for the update. So far this year Chris hs not had the finishing order for me so I have to ask around and hope someone can help me out.
Heard you were ripping their legs off in the break!