Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crashing sucks

Have you ever had the feeling going into a race that you really don't want to race. Something tells you to stay away. Yea, had that feeling this weekend, just didn't want to race on the Tractor Testing Track in Lincoln. But I felt the pressure of a race in our sponsors home town so I entered the race. I got in a good hard ride in the morning and really didn't think I would even have the chance to race as I was watching the kids while my wife attended a function at UNL. She got home early so I hustled my butt over to the race site. Got there just in time to sign up and pin on a number.

As I was signing up I noticed that there were a bunch of people on bikes all bandaged up. Not a few, a bunch. On the line the official has us sign a additional release for the university, hmmmm.....bandages, additional release, the black clouds were forming. Then the notice from the officials that there is a gap in the new cement surface all the way around both turns!

So we get started and the turns are tight, not too sure about how they get tractors to turn that tight, but anyway......... there are a number of riders in our pack of 13 that can't hold their line in the turns. So 10 minutes into the race I'm thinking it's about time to attack and end up getting shuffled across the crack and bam, I hit the deck.

I can tell you this, do not crash on new cement! I did more damage in this slow speed crash than any other crash I've had in a while. That new SRAM Rival group that I put on Friday will be getting some new parts next week. Add to that a Jersey, bibs, gloves, buckles on shoes, and a busted up helmet. At least the bike has a replaceable der hanger.

So as I sit here with a 3 beer buzz I can also tell you that it still doesn't help when you get in the shower covered in road rash.

Maybe it's a good thing........get that first crash of the season out of the way before the big races roll around.


Anonymous said... wait all that time for your Sram to get in- and you go and trash it in your first race! That sucks. At least you didn't break anything on your body.

ScottyD said...

Amen to what Ted said. Broken anything hurts.

Cornbread said...

Sorry to see you go down. Glad to hear you weren't hurt too badly. Bummer about all the ruined gear.