Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crit points ect....

I was told that I angered the cycling gods by writing about crashing and then paid the price by going down in the next race. As payback I give you this shot. I don't think I've ever gotten road rash that burned the elastic of my shorts into my skin. That's all I have to say about crashing from now on!

Another good turnout for the Tuesday KC Crit. The difference this week was that a few of the strong guys went straight to the front from the start and started rotating. Alex was the gatekeeper and for 20 minutes or so it was ripping fast. Even after a few guys got through and messed up the rotation it was still fast. It looked like Phil and Adam were going to make a last gasp run for the line but they got pulled back by the field with 2 to go. 45 minutes with an average speed of 27 mph, awesome. Results from the field sprint are below.

Doug and Scott, had to take a picture of Doug in all of his spiffy stuff. I just liked the Black/White motif. Yea....I'm a gear geek and his bike is pretty cool.

Crappy picture of the 4 man TTT in Lincoln last weekend. The missing link there would be me, sorry guys, walking was a chore that day.

Tue Crit results:
  1. Shadd Smith
  2. Brian Bradley
  3. Mark Cole
  4. David Hedjuk
  5. Paul Fancher

Overall Points:

1. Shadd Smith 32
2. Brian Jensen 12
3. Brian Bradley 9
4. David Hejduk 6
5. Joe Schmalz 6
6. Mark Cole 5
7. Adam Mills 4
8. Tom Price 4
9. Matt Ankeney 4
10. Nick Coil 3
11. Phil Gronniger 2
12. Lyle Reynolds 1
13. Patrick Angell 1
14. Jeff Winkler 1
15. Bill Marshall 1
16. Jeremy Pych 1
17. Jason Knight 1
18. Andrew Coe 1
19. Paul Fancher 1

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