Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gods Country DU/MTB

Busy, busy, week. lots of work to do, too many practices for the kids, the list goes on. That's life.....any other way and it wouldn't be a challenge. Decided to do the MTB race after the God's Country Duathalon. Scott and I rolled out early to get a chance to ride the trails before the race. It had been a while since I've been on the Superfly so I figured I better get a lap in before the race. Got to the venue in time to see Ted run by and hit the transition. For a guy who claims to hate to run he looked pretty good.

Here's Ted after a lap on the mtb, he rode a great bike leg to end up 3rd in his age group. Well done!

Now it was time for Scott and I to get out and get a lap in on the trails. Ended up riding a pretty quick lap so we could be able to get back in time to refill bottles and head to the line. Just about perfect timing, only 15 min before start time and we are lining up. Sitting on the start line there weren't many Experts but we did have some horsepower, Eric Stuckoff, Doug Plummer, Aaron Elwell were going to make it fast.

Experts are 1st off and then it's time for the Sport's.

I'm front row for the Expert start and what do I do............bump my shifter and suddenly I'm in the wrong gear and going backwards. At least it's a 1/4 mile on the levy before the first turn . Did my best roadie impression and punched it up the edge of the grass to take the lead going into the first turn. I knew it would be hard to pass in the next straight through the field before the single track so I wanted to get there first. Unfortunately, Aaron blew by me like I was in park and by the single track he all ready had 8 bike lengths on me. By the end of the first lap Aaron probably had a minute on me and I might of had a bit more on the Stuckoff/Plummer battle that was raging on behind me.

Second lap was kind of weird, not too motivated to chase Aaron. Note to self, don't read other peoples blogs. Aaron has been out to California a few times for some US Cup races and I figure unless he ends up in the river and his bike floats away there is no way I'm going to catch him. I can't see the guys behind, so........I start day dreaming. Hmmm.... wonder where Cam and Sudnicki are, huh....oh yea, focus, go fast. Motor on and before long.........wonder how work is going for the wife with kids there, focus..........wonder if kids still alive.......focus. Better get this done and get home for Jonas's b-ball game and kid swap.......focus. Ended up blowing quite a few corners but still held a pretty good pace for the 2nd lap. Total time for the race was about an hour so we went pretty fast. I'll take a 2nd, and in case you're wondering.......I didn't crash!

Scott flying the Lincoln Industries colors.
Scott had a great day and had his 1st Sport class win! Using his roadie fitness to score the hole shot he rolled into the single track first and was only passed by 1 guy who happened to be on a single speed. Nice ride for a guy who doesn't race the MTB very often.

Great times at the River trails! Hat's off to Chris and his whole crew for putting on another well organized, fun event.


t-nuts said...

nice job guys!

Coach said...

Real good.

Mark Studnicki said...

I was in SoCal relaxing with family and watching the Dana Point GP. Since there is no "real" MTB stuff happening in the area (as in no Heartland series or very few other mtb races) i'm just taking most of the year off and living life like a normal human being for once.