Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm baaaack

The old blog 's been a little lean on the post side but what can I say.... I've been busy. After a pretty good run of training the last 3 weeks has been a bit lean on the training, about 4 hrs a week lean. That's life, spring break with the kids and working nights, crappy weather, a very busy shop, and a week of being a single parent while the wife works a ton of overtime. Hopefully the stars will align and I will again be able to get out on the bike.

Now it's time for spring sports to start for the boys. Soccer and baseball is going to make for a busy schedule!

Or you can just play in the sand instead of watching you brother play soccer.

Can't forget the 4th grade music program. Jonas got to sing a few lines solo.

The Tuesday Crit.........better weather this week, still a bit windy and a bit cold. We had about 50 or so at the start and even though there were a number of attacks and breakaways nothing stuck for more than a few laps and we ended up with a field sprint. Not a bad night for me, 6th in the sprint, not too bad for so much time off the bike.

In the "can a old dog learn new tricks" category. Dean, Scott, and I, (ok Scott's not that old)(and Dean's really old...) we all got PowerTaps and now we just have to figure out how they work. So comparing max watts for tonight's crit, Scott-1300, Dean-1030, Tom-999. Should be fun to compare tomorrow once we download the data. For now it's time to gather some date to see what I've been doing on rides and then see about a coach.

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