Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday Ride

Since I got to ride the Tuesday crit this week I was a little tired come Wednesday morning. Scott and I talked after the crit about sneaking out for a ride Wednesday if we could find the time. Well........we got out around noon and headed north for Leavenworth. I figured I could finally use a gift certificate that I won 2 years ago at a cross race. Nice day, fairly warm, and the promise of a decent tailwind on the way home, yeaaaaaa.

So we got to town and rolled into the Santa Fe Trails Bike Shop feeling a bit tired from the effort. We got some coffee from their coffee bar and chatted with the crew for a while. Nice shop and some good guys, nice place to hang out and have a cup a' joe. Spent my gift cert on as much energy food as we could carry and headed back to KC.

As soon as we got back on the bikes I knew I was in trouble. I guess a big cup of coffee on a empty stomach is not good, my head was spinning and it wasn't long before we had to hit a gas station on the edge of town for cokes and food. We sat around and ate and once we got rolling I was much better. I still had dead legs but at least I could go in a straight line. So on we went......pushing on, rolling south on a road just west of hwy 7, no traffic, nice.

Now you know as cyclists you never let your riding partner know when you're hurting, that is, until you blow. And I never knew Scott was hurting until we were approaching hwy 24 and he looked at me and asked, "Is this Shawnee Mission Parkway.", we still have 25 mile or so to get there. Time to dig into the energy food.

In the end we made it back to the shop in decent time and got in 80 miles. The suffering on the ride was not totally surprising. It's still spring and the fitness is just not there to do two really hard days in a row.

So now it's time to plan another gift certificate ride. I've still got 1 for a shop Lawrence and 2 in shops north of the river in KCK. All I need is a jersey with bigger pockets.

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Coach said...

Sweet! You guys rock.