Monday, May 25, 2009

Quad Cities Day 2: Muskatine

Could of been better, or worse. Yesterday Mathgeek was feeling better but had a killer headache from the concussion. I woke up with a migraine from all of the stress/lack of sleep/ect..... The boy had a rough day with the two of us feeling so crappy. Bummer. Anyway........The drugs for migraines do not work well with racing so I held off until after the race. So naturally the race didn't go so well. Nancy has a good picture of me sitting on the line hiding my eyes from the sun and that's the best I felt. In the end I tried to get in a good position on the hill but it was not to be so when the money went up the road I just sat up for 17th. Oh well......

Watched the Pro.1,2, The Tradewind Energy/Trek Stores guys looked great, all over the front the whole race. Not sure how they finished but probably like Snake Alley. Speaking of Snake Alley, Chris Hall had to have the ride of the day. He came from the last row, 100 guys back to finish 12th! And that was in the rain.

So today's another day, pan flat crit, my favorite.

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LeLan Dains said...

Hey man,
This is LeLan from Emporia. We are doing a race on July 19th. ( chance to earn some $$! Hope you can make it, and I would appreciate it if you would help spread the word. Maybe a quick post and add the link? Thanks and happy riding!