Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quad Cities Recap

As you may have seen in a earlier post we had a bit of a rough trip. But Quad Cities Weekend is a great series of races and I'll be back next year to give it another go.

Snake Alley is like no other race you will ever do and quite a few of the local crew got the added feature of climbing it in the rain.

Muscatine, all most like racing on a giant oval, but with a significant downhill and climb followed by a tight turn before the finish. Held in a beautiful park overlooking the Mississippi river. Can't forget about the speedbump (yes, I said Speedbump) at the bottom of the downhill.

Rock Island, is a pan flat, figure eight crit, speed rules. This year low tire pressure probably ruled due to the rain but it was still fast.

Bill leading the field up the hill on the first lap at Muscatine.

I looked pretty good at this point at Snake Alley. Too bad the wheels would fall off with 5 to go.

The infamous speedbump at Muscatine. If you hit it right you could get pretty good air. Most chose to keep it close to the ground.

Now if you need to get to the races quick here's the ride for you. Just don't let Shadd drive.

Lil' Boy had some great rides last weekend in both the Jr's and the Pro 1,2 races.

Not such a great weekend for me but that's how it goes. Tulsa this weekend and the hope for better rides. I was looking at who's registered this weekend in the Pro 1-2 races and it's going to be fun to watch. It's going to be a fun weekend no matter what happens.


Anonymous said...

all video for you

JB said...

See ya down there...