Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tulsa Tough: Day 1

Blue Dome District, start time was 6:20 Pm and when we arrived at the race site is was 90 degrees. First race in the heat this year but the course was good, 100+ riders on the line, and it was pretty fast. The race itself was kind of like the Tue KC Crit, fast at times but most of the time people just wanted to sit in so it bunched up. With the ebb and flow of the race came a fair number of crashes but I don't think any of the KC crew ended up on the ground.

I felt ok for most of the race, went for a few $100 primes but missed on both and ended up 17th in the field sprint. Probably could of done better but I just wasn't aggressive enough on the last lap and got shuffled back too far to place better. Scott sat up and then got caught behind a crash to finish in the 30's. JB somehow got missed by the camera or he would of been in the top 15 or so.

In the 1'2 's Lil'boy had a great ride to finish 4th, not sure about how anybody else did in that race. The Pro, Cat 1 race was awesome to watch, incredibly fast, it even looked faster because it was at night but I bet the average speed was near 30. No results as it finished around 11pm and we were headed to the hotel before they had results. I do know that the Jelly Belly team went to the front with 11 laps to go and then led out Brad Huff for the win. Pretty impressive.

Today it's back to racing with the old guys. Looks to be a hot one again, yahoo.........

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