Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tulsa Tough: Day 2

Hot, Hot, Hot.............well over 90 degrees today. The announcers said something about the road temp being over 100. This weekend is following the same pattern as last weekend, race ok Friday, migraine Saturday, and hopefully today will go better. Yesterday I was riding ok until 5 laps to go and then I started to feel sick, lost all power, and then cramped bad. Game over. Dean was in the same race in the 55+ and scored a 7th place. Scott rode the cat 3 race and finished in the group.

The women's continue to crash and yesterday about 30 or so went down in a pile. The race had to be stopped for a while after that one. Not too sure what the deal is with the crashing.

Lil'Boy and Alex teamed up in the JR race to go 1-2. Alex went solo to win with Chris leading the group in for 2nd. Chris went on to a top 10 in the 1-2 race a few hours later.

Pro-1 race was fun to watch, quite a battle with the Pro teams battling it out. Jelly Belly prevailed again with Brad Huff winning the field sprint. Tilford was top 10 again and all of the KC guys rode a good race and hung on to the field. Nice work in hot temps and brutal speeds.

On to today race............

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