Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tue Crit and life

Curly tried to get a good shot of the B race but his camera skills a bit iffy. Good sized fields in both races tonight. Summer may finally be here with sun and warm temps, it's about time. Interesting race tonight, most of the fast guys were doing half the race and sitting up so they can rest for the Winghaven NRC race this weekend or they were cooked from Nature Valley last weekend. That ment that the race wasn't going to have a breakaway and it came down to a field sprint. I felt like I was going to cramp from the very start but never did and ended up 4th. Not too bad for where I was with 2 turns to go.


  1. Brian Bradley

  2. Adam Miller

  3. Mark Cole

  4. Tom Price

  5. Paul Fancher

  1. Overall as of 6/16/09
  2. Shadd Smith 55

  3. Brian Bradley 20

  4. David Hedjuk 18

  5. Brian Jensen 17

  6. Phil Gronniger 12

  7. Joe Schmalz 10

  8. Tom Price 9

  9. Mark Cole 9

  10. Adam Miller 7

  11. Adam Mills 5

  12. Bill Marshall 5

  13. Matt Ankeny 4

  14. Nick Coil 4

  15. Jason Knight 3

  16. Lawrence Simonsen 3

  17. Adam Miller 3

  18. Chris Hall 2

  19. Lyle Reynolds 2

  20. Paul Fancher 2

  21. John Seiczkowski 1

  22. Pat Angell 1

  23. Jeff Winkler 1

  24. Jeremy Pych 1

  25. Andrew Coe 1

  26. Doug Plummer 1

Who me??? Saw this in Lincoln while riding on the bike paths with the boys. Seems like I've done a bunch of that this year!

Road trip up to Lincoln. They look so happy and we are not even out of KC yet. Many road trips to Lincoln in the past 2 weeks taking care of Mathgeeks dad who has been diagnosed with cancer. He has very little time left and it's been rough on all of us. I've got the kids in KC while Mathgeek is in Lincoln. Wish I was there but a big thanks to our friends for the support. Weird how you want someone to live longer but hope for a quick end to stop the suffering. So much more to be said.........maybe later.

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Laggin said...

Hugs to you all. You KNOW you can call if you need help, right? Seriously.