Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday KC Crit

My only proof that it really was dry!
Small crowd out for the race tonight, about 25 or so. It stopped raining just in time for the race and then started raining about an hour after. I'll take it any time. Kind of a weird race, guys starting late, guys jumping in and out of the race, kind'a hard to keep track of who was where but fun anyway and hard as usual. It was a bit spooky with 2 turns to go when we went head on into a car coming out of the turn. Got to be careful out there!
Tuesday night Crit Results

1. Shadd Smith
2. Joe Schmalz
3. Bill Marshall
4. Marlin ?
5. Tom Price

Overall Points as of 6/9/09

1.Shadd Smith 55
2.David Hedjuk 18
3.Brian Jensen 17
4.Brian Bradley 15
5.Phil Gronniger 12
6.Joe Schmalz 10
7.Tom Price 7
8. Mark Cole 6
9.Adam Mills 5
10.Bill Marshall 5
11.Matt Ankeny 4
12.Nick Coil 4
13.Jason Knight 3
14.Lawrence Simonsen 3
15.Adam Miller 3
16.Chris Hall 2
17.Lyle Reynolds 2
18.John Seiczkowski 1
19.Pat Angell 1
20.Jeff Winkler 1
21.Jeremy Pych 1
22.Andrew Coe 1
23.Paul Fancher 1
24.Doug Plummer 1
On a different note........ posts here may be a little bit sparse for a while. Mathgeek's dad is in poor health and we are going to try and be with him as much as possible. More on that in time.

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