Monday, June 1, 2009

Tulsa Tough: Day 3

On the line at the Blue Dome!

Sunday's course is the one I didn't get to do last year and it's a tough one. It's got a climb on one end and a wicked downhill on the other end. The hill itself wasn't that much of an issue, it was the downhill that spooks everybody. There are tons of stories about people crashing there so as soon as we got to the race site Sunday morning I went to the corner at the bottom of the downhill. Sure enough, as soon as I got there the next race started and the 2ND person through crashed in the corner at the bottom. Great........that got me thinking....... I can't crash, period. Mathgeek flies out of KC at 5pm and I have to leave as soon as my race ends to get back to KC and get the kids from the sitter. It would not be good to call Mathgeek and tell her that she can't go on her business trip because I crashed and I'm sitting in the emergency room.

The race itself went fairly well, 13th was ok for not taking any chances on the downhill going into the sprint. I still didn't feel right on the bike, but I think once I get my medical issues figured out I'll be OK. I also have the advantage of getting on a schedule with Coach Mills. It's been race after race since I started with him but now it's time to get on the program.

Floyd in the break at the Brady District race.

Too bad I cut off the back of the Pro field. It was a long line going up the hill.

This is my artsy photo. Actually, all of my photos Friday night look this way. A small digital camera is no match for Pro riders in the dark!

Got a good start Friday night!


ScottyD said...

Looks like we both got a good start since I'm sitting about 4 wheels behind you. Now if I can figure out how to beat you in a sprint.

JT said...

Looks like a good time.