Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm at a loss..............

I really don't know what to say. Mathgeek's dad passed away after a short battle with cancer. I was lucky to know him, Bill along with his wife Jean were the in-laws that dreams are made of. Now it's time to deal with the estate, not much fun selling off what has been our second home for so long.

During Bill's illness we spent most of our time in Lincoln. I got out and hit a bunch of old routes on the bike. Last weekend I hit the last of the 4 corners of Lincoln. (and some gravel, those guys love gravel roads). Saw this carving on a tree stump near Panama, NE. pretty cool.

The boys looking pretty stylish.

While in Lincoln I got "Burked", Coach had me out on the Mopac trail, gravel roads, ect..... and at one point he looks at me and asks"what direction are we going?" Not quite epic but fun .

In true teammate Troy fashion I didn't go around the detour, I went through it. See those two little boards over the creek. Fun with cycling shoes!
So now it's off to Lincoln for more estate/house fun and then up to Omaha for the cycling weekend. I'm going to do the RR and Crit.

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sda said...

Sorry to hear about nancy's dad. god speed.