Monday, July 13, 2009

Omaha Cycling Weekend, Cross Nats Travel

Photographer John Peterson from Lincoln took this shot of Shad winning the Pro 1,2 race Saturday. He took the win out of a two rider break after being off the front for most of the race. Fuzzy and Nick did a stellar job of controlling the field and sprinted for 4th and 5th.

Our own JT took a prime and finished in the top 10.

For me the crit was a bust, not sure why but I was off and recorded my first DNF of the year. Oh well...... there's another race tomorrow.

Dave Babcock RR: PRO, 1-2-3 all race together. Probably a good thing due to small field sizes. To make a long story short...... we got Chet(a Lincoln Industries rider) away with another rider on the first lap. Troy and I rode tempo and covered attacks on the front of the group for the group for the next 3-4 laps. About the 6th lap Fuzzy attacked on the hill and took 4 other riders up the road. By then Chet had about 4 min on the group and I figured he had a decent chance of hanging on to the group if they got caught. Then next time up the hill I went with an attack and got away with 2 other guys. Here's where it gets interesting.......due to the weather we are told the race is going to end on the next lap, they tell everybody.............except the 5 rider chase group! Fuzzy said they were chasing hard when they noticed the corner marshall's were gone and pretty soon there was nobody out on the course. At some point they were told that the race was CANCELLED so they just rode it in and didn't sprint. The funny part is that they actually scored them as they crossed the line even though they had no idea they were still out on the course. I heard the guys did an even split which is pretty cool since a bit of money was up for grabs but as Fuzzy said, "what else are you going to do?" Overall the courses are good, the money is good, they just need some more riders.

Cross Nationals Travel:

I've been talking with the powers that be at the TREK Stores about travel to Cross Nationals in Bend, OR. They would be willing to use the companies Sprinter Van and large trailer to transport bikes and equipment to Oregon for the last USGP and Nationals. We have not figured out the logistics yet but we would haul your bike(s), wheels, gear, and you could just fly out, pick up your bike and race. We have talked about bringing the shop tents, trainers, a power washer, racks for bikes, get the idea. There will be a cost involved since we have to drive the thing out there and it's a haul, but don't worry, it's going to be way less than it would cost you to stick all of your equipment on a plane!

Let me know if you are interested so I can start working out the logistics and cost's.

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