Monday, July 20, 2009

Is it over yet?

Last weekend was another trip to Lincoln. This time to collect some furniture and a piano. Yes, I said a piano. I managed to borrow a piano dolly but there was no away around the fact that we were going to have to lift it at some point. But first we had to get there, enter one well used Caravan and the shop trailer. Mathgeek figured just getting to Lincoln towing the trailer would be a victory, me, I was confident we would be fine.

So here we are on the flats near Rock Port on I-29. Hmmmmm seems the trailer is a bit of a drag behind the van. What to do.........................................

Like any Nascar fan would do, I quickly snuggled up the next semi I could find. Unbelievable difference, rpm's went down, mileage went way up, not too shabby. Kept it up all the way to Lincoln. Now the easy part is done. Next morning I called up some of the Lincoln crew to get the piano out of the house and into the trailer. The gun show arrived but it was definitely of the smaller caliber. No worries, a 4x8 sheet of plywood smoothed out the stairs and it was smooth sailing into the trailer. A few more dressers and a desk and we were loaded and we were done.
The trip back was pretty uneventful, except for Mathgeek freaking out in the first mile after we left the house. Seems she didn't like the feel of the trailer jerking on the van. If you've ever towed a trailer that out weighed your vehicle it feels a little funny at first. She looked over and me, dead serious and said,"we need to rent a truck". I took a bit to convince her that the van would be ok, and it was. We went 60-65 mph behind semi's the whole way and I swear we got better mileage than if we were just driving the van and going 70-75 mph.
Once home I called Scott and drug him over to the house after the shop closed to help unload. Now he has some real guns so we were a little unbalanced with Mathgeek and I on one end and Scott on the other. I so needed to get that picture. So that parts done yea.........

Got in a ride Saturday and stopped off at a little car show. Mostly classic cars but there were a few rods there. This one was really nice!

Got back to find the shop swamped in repairs. I mean so swamped that they were stacked up in the breakroom. Jonas is hanging at the shop this week and he's looking a bit stunned. Today we worked through a ton of tickets and there were even more in there than this morning.
So is it over.............. not yet but close. One more trip on Wednesday to fill up the van. Hmmmmm, Tuesday KC Crit, Wed Worlds in Lincoln. Amazing how that worked out!

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