Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wed Hill Ride, Tour of KC, Cross news

First time out for the Wed Hill ride.
Pretty big group heading out but it got much smaller after the first hill. Not too sure why they feel the need to go 30mph on the flats before the first hill. Half the group doesn't even make it to the first hill with the main pack.

This week there was a crash. Most people thought Fuzzy crashed due to a blown bunny hop over the roundabout. What actually happened is the chain came off upon landing and when started pedaling he went over the bars. Crazy thing is that he came into the shop today barely sporting any road rash and very little damage to the bike. Man...... if I crashed like that the damage would of been far more substantial.

Pic of the 2nd to last turn of the OP crit at the Tour of KC. Seems the city plopped a roundabout right in the middle of the turn. Actually it's not too bad, if you took a bad enough line to hit it you would of been in the outside curb anyway. Could of been worse, the intersection one block west has bricks in the whole intersection, corner to corner. Rumors are out there that there are construction issues on Cliff Drive. Seems like there are issues there every year but people are talking about cancelling that race and moving Fridays event to Saturday? Anybody?

Cross Nationals News: Troy sent me this blurb from Cyclocross mag about signing up for Nationals. Looks like you will still have to have fast fingers but will now need to be a cat 1 or 2 to be up front. Check it out here. I think I'll request an upgrade soon!


Chris Locke said...

That is interesting about CX Nationals. One more benefit to being a Cat 1/2.... You should request an upgrade. Me, I am working on a downgrade....

TP said...

Can you imagine how many upgrade requests there areout there right now! I'll be joining the ranks soon.

mark said...

hmmm....Tom, you're making Dean and my head swell....30mph on the flats? Cool....cuz us two old fogies were discussing all along Midland how we wuz hung out to dry up front by all the youngsters :)