Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's a Coaches job, Tour of Lawrence

Tonight is the last chance to enter online for the Tour of Lawrence! Get it done now or pay the $20.00 late fee on race day. If you decide not to race volunteer and get a front row seat to the best racing so far this year. So much to do.........

So what does a coach really do for you? I really wondered, I mean I've got the powermeter and Adam crunches the numbers and sets up my training schedule. Now you may think that's about it but I've found it's not just that. Adam and I talk and e-mail often about how the training is going and how I feel. He makes adjustments to the schedule as needed and we go on.
Today we were discussing the Tour of KC races and I was a bit disappointed in my results and felt like I had a few life challenges that held me back. With out hesitation Adam replied, "Don't you think everybody else has challenges as well". Brutally honest, I need to quit worrying about what is going on in my life, deal with it, and do the best I can. I've never had anyone tell me to just shut up and ride (of course in a very nice way), but he made me think, and that's a coaches job.
Then as we were ending the conversation he did mention that I set personal records in every power category during the weekend races, ahhhhhh, the feel good portion, that's a coaches job too!

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JB said...

best races so far this year?! whoa! well, of course i am bit biased. ;-)

yes, a coach can b*tch slap ya one second then reach down and help ya up the next with the same hand.