Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cross Toys are Rolling In

It's true, Cross season is just 5 weeks away. That's right, 5 weeks, but first a little road action in Sedalia and Gateway Cup. With 5 weeks to go the new cross toys are really beginning to roll into the shop.

Today Shadd showed up in the shop with this little gem. It's going to to be super light when it's done.
For my bikes it's more about stripping off old parts and building up with new. At least I have them now instead of waiting to order at the last minute. Still doesn't mean that I'll have the bikes finished before the first race. We will just have to see, right now I'm more into taking the old parts and building up a bike for Pinky, his first full size bike!
Cross, Cross, Cross........that's all I hear, and that's ok. I'm getting pretty excited to work with the KCCX crew at some of the bigger UCI races. Might even get a chance to race out of the area which is all ways nice.
So much to do, so little time............ bring me the glue.

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