Thursday, August 27, 2009

New and Goofy stuff, ie "the call of the day"

Fall soccer has now started so we now have 8 weeks of games and practices. Only Pinky decided to play Fall soccer this year so only 1 set of dates to keep track of. Curly is a real runner so I'm sure he will continue to help me with my cross training ( even if he has to wait for me).

Tonight was the kickoff party for the Tour of Missouri. Kind of forgot about the date and we had a conflict with Back to School Night at the kids school. This is the night that is parents only so Mathgeek went and I stayed home with the kids.

Happy Meals!!!!!!
While moms away the boys and I will play!
So the shop had had a run of goofy calls in the past few weeks, I mean really goofy, like the cycling public had lost all common sense. So........they call us and ask. Today had to be one of the best, someone called and asked,"is there any bike racing on TV today?" HUH?????? Not kidding, ask Sean.
For all you cross racers out there check this out, 3 days of cross in Cincinnati. Looks good to me but if you're going sign up soon. Same line up procedures as Nationals.

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