Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tue KC Crit and Cross Bikes

New Cross bike from Redline in the shop! Even one for the kids!

Tuesday KC Crit:

To some the season has ended but to some there is still some races left to score some points. Tonight's race was a fast one, Brian was there again so there were plenty of attacks and long chases to bring them back. More than a few people were overheard saying that it was "fast tonight". I think the average was near 27mph and in the end nothing got away so the race ended in a field sprint. Interesting time of the year as far as training goes. Some are training for cross, some like me are looking foreword to Sedalia this Saturday and then off for the last road event, the 4 days of Gateway Cup. Then there's Bill and Andy, Andy is training for the Military World Championships in Ireland. He was out training with Bill before the race and 10 minutes into the race Bill said, "I just hit 100 miles for the day", ouch.

Felt pretty good tonight, decided to work a little harder and not worry about the sprint. I'll see if it helps. One more week to go for the Tue Crit. Maybe there will be a Tue Cross Worlds to take it's place, maybe.........

Tue Crit Results:

  1. David Hedjuk
  2. Mark Cole
  3. Brian
  4. Nick Coil
  5. Bill Marshall

Overall Points 8/25/09:

Shadd Smith 92
David Hejduk 36
Phil Gronniger 27
Brian Jensen 24
Mark Cole 23
Brian Bradley 20
Tom Price 17
Chris Hall 15
Joe Schmalz 13
Bill Marshall 12
Adam Mills 10
Adam Miller 7
Paul Fancher 6
Nick Coil 6
Stefan Rothe 5
Matt Ankeney 4
Jason Knight 4
Lawrence Simonson 3
Steve Songer 3
John Sieczkowski 3
Phil Mann 3
Lyle Reynolds 2
Marlin ? 2
Andy Lucas 2
John Pahlman 2
Jeff Winkler 1
Patrick Angell 1
Jeremy Pych 1
Andrew Coe 1
Doug Plummer 1

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