Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Since the last post...... Crit points

Now that the trips to Lincoln are over it's time to get cracking on dealing with all of the stuff we brought back. Started planning to build some shelves in a few places to up the storage space. I still have not put the floor down in the living room/dining room so I'll add it
to the list. In the mean time I had a few days solo with Curly as Mathgeek was off at scout camp with Pinky. That's how you end up with a pic of Curly in Cookout heaven. Kids sure love smores!

Right after Mathgeek and Pinkey returned from camp my Dad and Carolyn arrived. Nice to be able to spend a few days with them before they return to Orlando. Really good timing considering recent events.

While my dad was here he bought a remembrance tree for Mathgeeks parents. We got a stone that has writing that you can't read in the picture. A few bags of chip and it will look really nice. Yep.....chips, add that to the list.

I did get out for a ride with the 360 boys last weekend. Good ride but I was a little out of place without a matching kit. Then again there was one other oddball in the group, missed the memo Walt?

Then there's this..........I'm just not sure what to say. Dean did the Gardner TT on a fixed gear last week. Pretty sweet ride and look at that chainline!

Tuesday KC Crit results:

  1. Shadd Smith

  2. David Hedjuk

  3. Steve Songer

  4. John Pahlman

  5. Mark Cole
Points total as of 8/4/09:
Shadd Smith 82
David Hejduk 31
Phil Gronniger 27
Brian Bradley 20
Mark Cole 19
Brian Jensen 17
Tom Price 17
Chris Hall 11
Bill Marshall 11
Joe Schmalz 10
Adam Mills 9
Adam Miller 7
Stefan Rothe 5
Matt Ankeney 4
Nick Coil 4
Jason Knight 4
Lawrence Simonson 3
Steve Songer 3
Lyle Reynolds 2
Marlin ? 2
Paul Fancher 2
Andy Lucas 2
John Pahlman 2
Patrick Angell 1
Jeff Winkler 1
Jeremy Pych 1
Andrew Coe 1
John Sieczkowski 1
Doug Plummer 1

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