Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tour of KC, Part 2

One of these days I've got to try the pace car gig. These two sure looked like they were having fun!

The course changed direction this year and at first I was worried, but it turned out to be a good change.

Steve and Andy blasting into the turn on a typical blazing hot tour of KC afternoon.

Cat 3's on the line! Scott mentioned that the 3's made it through Saturdays race with no crashes. So today they made up for it and crashed a bunch! Looked like the 4's were a bit gravitationally challenged as well.

Scott and Chet were both in the 3's race and were in good position going into the last lap but a crash put them back too far for a good place.
As for me, the weekend was good and bad. Saturday I just wasn't ready to race and even though I had good position with a half lap to go but just wasn't motivated to finish strong. Today was better, made the break of 5 and hung on for the rest of the race to finish 5th. The form is not as bad as I though it was and I know what's slowing me down. Nothing a week long vacation in Colorado won't cure.

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