Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tue Crit and misc pics

Tonight's crowd at the crit was much smaller than most of the summer. That's not much of a surprise since quite a few people end their road season with the Tour of KC. Strange since there are a few good weekends on the road left. Sedalia and The Gateway Cup races come to mind among a few others. For me these last few crits are a chance to bring the form back after a slow July. Cross is definitely on the horizon but there are a few more Road/MTB events to do before then.

I'm not quite sure what to do about the points for tonight's race. Chris was so busy watching the sprint that he missed the rest of the places. Since I don't have most of the places I think I'll just not score tonights points. If you have the actual places let me know and I'll do the points.

Another win for the Kelly Benefits team on the new Fisher carbon bike. Very cool!

Then there's Lance winning the Colorado State Champs. Pretty cool bike, new SRAM XX parts on the TREK frame. Too bad it's not a 29'er! Pirated this picture from MTB Shadd's blog. He was out there ripping up the mountians too, 2nd in the Cat 1's.

On that note...........the mountains of Colorado are calling me.............and I'm going to answer.


Anonymous said...


I sat up as usual with 2 to go. Top 4:

1. Fancher
3. guy in green kit??
4. John from Velotek

Anonymous said...

green kit was Phil Mann

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the first anonymous is Fancher? That's tricky;) I wonder if the second anonymous is Phil Mann? ...and I wonder if this anonymous is Shadd? ...because this anonymous won the mo fo. Puzzled?

John said...

Results sure looked like Shadd, Phil, LocalCycling kit (Fancher?), and then myself (John) from my front row seat of the sprint

Shad S. said...

Where are you heading out here in CO?