Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Action at the last Cross Clinic

Returned from the trip out east just to get sick with a migraine, oh yea, too much stress, bad food, and sleepless nights. That's what you get when you drive 14 hrs, and spend less than 24 hrs at your destination before driving the 14 hrs back. Did I mention that the Corvette Club can take up every hotel from Terre Haute, IN to St.Louis Mo. Or that Super 8 Hotel can charge $150.00 a night just because they are there. Just another fun part of the trip. Not to say that it was all bad, just a short trip to deal with some somber family business.

On to some fun stuff......

Shadd with his new/old/ refreshed A bike.

Last clinic tonight, after last weeks debacle with the off camber turn Coach Adam, with help from some of his Source Endurance athletes, set it up again with much better results.

I was a little under the weather so I didn't ride but Pinky got out there with the crew and had a great time. He loved mixing it up with all the other riders. How cool is that!

Bill is just a blur while Jason is sporting a sweet white Source Endurance jersey. White jersey+cross usually ends in green stains on said jersey. Have fun with that one Jason.

Bill's off to Gloucester for the weekend, we have Boss Cross here and there is the Omaha Weekend. It's looking like I'll be splitting my weekend due to family obligations but maybe, just maybe............I'll get to start my cross season. Maybe it's time to get that 2nd bike built up.

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