Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gateway Cup: Day 3-4, Tour of MO

Friday night under the lights for the PRO 1-2 men. I mean kinda under the lights. This race has spots of bright light followed by black holes and goofy shadows. Makes it interesting for these guys as fast as they go.

Scott had a good weekend. Rode in the sweet spot at the front of the 3's race staying out of the scrum of 120 guys.

These bikes are cool. Just starting to receive some from the factory in the shop. Maybe I'll get one one of these days. Being the bike geek that I am I was taking pictures of the bikes while the whole Kelly Benefits Team was sitting there. Mathgeek said they were all looking at me while I was geeking over their bikes. Guess it's the mechanic in me.

Here's a video of the last lap at the Giro. It's way too dark out to pick anybody out but they were flying! The Pro race started late because of race stoppages in the PRO Woman's race and the Masters race.

This is a clip of the PRO 1-2 race going into the finishing straight. Joe's on the front in this shot. The local KC/Lawrence crew were impressive all weekend. I don't think I saw many breaks go without a Mercy or Tailwind rider in it.

As for me....... decided to sit out Sunday, hit the zoo with the family and then head to the races later in the day. Glad I did, there was a huge crash in the masters race anyway and I don't have much skin left to give.

Monday I decided to race after Jay called me old and my wife said I was afraid. Old, afraid......Pffffffft bring on those 120 cat 3's. The fact is, the only thing I was worried about is the fact that I wasn't sure if I'm looking at skin or muscle through the hole in my knee. So I race and actually felt pretty good. On the last lap I got pushed into the curb and just wasn't mentally prepared to battle my way back to the front with a half lap to go.

So now I'm nursing my wounds and tallying up the damage to the bike. I'm not sure what's more pain full! Overall the ribs are not too bad,(not sure what the lump is all about) road rash on both hips and shoulders, back, and ankle. By far the knee is the worst and is going to take months to heal.

Oh well, that's racing!

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