Sunday, September 13, 2009

The End of the Road season, TOM

Went down to Downtown KC to see the final day of the Tour of Missouri with the family. Nice day, huge crowds(TV just said 100,000!)and a great race.We saw a bunch of friends from both KC and out of town. Saw the battle for the KOM points and then headed down to the expo and the race finish. Best TOM yet, hope they can keep it going.

The sprint for the KOM points!

Garmin on the front working hard.

The boys had fun at the race but the highlight usually revolves around what comes out of this trailer. Can you say free samples!

We ended up with a great spot to see the wind up for the finish. They announced that the field was going through the start/finish @42mph on the first lap. The battle for the KOM and points was definitely on.

So as we were walking back to the car mathgeek says, "I guess this means the road season is officially over." I had to agree, cross starts in KC next weekend. I'm not even close to being ready with bike or body. I did manage to get on the bike while I was in Lincoln and that really helped my knee. Tried to run today and that did not help. I'm hoping for the best this week, maybe I'll try to get a cross bike ready for the Wed cross clinic.

I did manage to get Pinky's cross bike built up tonight. 47cm frame and the seat is set about where it should be. It's going to be interesting to watch him learn to shift with STI and also get used to SPD pedals.

Mmmmmmm, cross.

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