Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Toys for the boys

As most people who read this blog have noticed that I'm part of the KCCX / VERGE Elite Cyclocross Team this season. I've got kind of a dual role with the team, rider/mechanic. A perfect fit for a guy like me, I get to race at some of the bigger races around the country, and work on the bikes for the team. OK, the mechanic side is a bit more involved. I'll be working the pit for the rest of the team and wrenching on bikes between races. It gets even more involved when it's muddy and it's a 2 race weekend. 12 riders, 2 bikes each, you do the math, that's a bunch of cleaning, ect...... To tell you the truth I'm really excited to see our U23 and Junior riders race as they are some the fastest guys in the country. Our goal is to help the young guys get on the worlds team and my job is to make sure the bikes don't hold them back.

So let's look at some of our new toys........

A new batch of Challenge Tubies arrived so it was time to sniff some glue. After a couple of hours of huffing it's no wonder my afternoon workout went so bad!

Got to have some wheels for all those tubies. Easton EA 70 wheels are the standard wheel of choice. There's some carbon wheels floating around here somewhere........... ohhhhh it's that darn glue again.

Got to have clinchers in the tire quiver and here we have an answer to muds, the Maxxis Mud Wrestler. Can't wait to get a set and try them out.
So that's about it for now. More huffing tomorrow and then it's time to get ready for a double up weekend of racing.


Coach said...

Looks good...except the glue headache.

Mark Studnicki said...

Just like all Maxxis 'cross tires, descent-enough tread pattern on a crappy casing. 60TPI? At least the Mud2's are 127.