Monday, October 12, 2009

And so it begins.........

Cross season finally began for me a few weekends ago with Boss Cross #1. Really nice day and a fun course by Jeremy, Joe and their crew. I was a bit nervous going into the race as the knee has healed on the inside but it was still a little torn up on the outside. Other than playing around at cross practice with Jonas the cross bike has been on the hook since last year. To make a long story short, I had a poor start and got caught behind the first turn crash. By the middle of the race I had worked myself up to mid pack where I stalled out. With unknown fitness I decided to back down the pace to make sure I finished. In the end I finished 10th and felt pretty good. Hindsight says that I should of gone full gas the whole distance as I was way too fresh after the race.

Missed Boss Cross #2 for some family business in Lincoln but did get out with Pinky for a spin through Wilderness Park on the cross bikes. Mathgeek and Curly got in a hike before we loaded it all back in the van for the trip home. Kind of weird going to Lincoln and not having a place to shower up before the trip home. Gramps house was sold last week so our 2nd home is gone...........bummer that Gramps, the house, everything, is gone. Gonna miss that guy.

On to this weekend! Started off with being a solo parent while Mathgeek went on a Weblos/Boy Scout camp out. Yes, I said camp out. They left at 7:30am Saturday morning,would camp out overnight, and be back in time for me to leave for the race. Uh huh, the best laid plans.............
So Curly and I had a great time playing and watching movies while Mathgeek and Pinky camped in 28 degree weather(they were fine by the way). So after chowing down my pre-race meal of Hot Dogs and Ravioli I went about packing up all of my stuff to go race. Sunday morning came and Curly and I had Pancakes with sprinkles to top off my all ready churning stomach. I had hoped to leave for the race by 10am and had a drop dead time of 11am. Around 10am I get a call from Mathgeek that she's 30min out. I guess I'll get to go after all.

Fast forward to the race. IT'S COLD, I usually struggle with the cold, and yet I still didn't get a good warm up in. Some of it was the time crunch but really, I know better. I wanted to focus on getting a better start this week, and I did. Unfortunately a poor warm up and a good start means loaded legs for a few laps. While I struggled the top 5 in the race rode away from me and I was stuck in no mans land. Eventually I recovered and started to catch Shadd who was having problems of his own. We rode together and started pulling in Shadd2 in the closing laps. It was not to be and I ended up 8th behind the 2 Shadd's. Overall not too bad of a race, I'm improving so hopefully I'll come around by the USGP in Louisville.

Nabbed a few photo's from Lyle Reynolds.

You don't see this very often, me in front of Shadd! Yes, I was hurtin'

These guys were chasing and I was running.

I can't use the age excuse with teammate Wink pulling off a 3rd. Something was said about the combined age of the 1st and 2nd place riders being less than his age. Hmmmmmm

Another win for Joe, can't wait for the next USGP in Louisville to see him in action with the big guns. Too bad I won't be able to watch the race out on the course. I'll be working the pit for the team but hey, that's my job. More on that in the next post.

Ok, here's a different solution to a common problem. Making a singlespeed out of a derailleur frame.

I know, it looks crazy but it actually works. I should of taken a video so you could see it spin, the crazy thing never moves from it's spot and just sits there. That's a new one on me.


ScottyD said...

That single spped trick has been around for awhile but its wicked cool! Like magic but its actually basic machine engineering.

We weren't chasing as hard as we should have been. In hind sight Troy & I should have ganged up on Bill & came after you. We strolled around a little too much after getting within about 15 sec of you. Oh well I get you eventually!

MOD said...

Good race Tom, you look to be going plenty fast.

Any chance you've got some spare floor space this weekend Friday and Saturday night. Gast and I will be at the shop Friday and we're staying for the Capital and Boulevard Cup races. He has a place with Jill so it'd just be me. 2mod(at)cox(dot)net

Now that I've got gears hopefully I can get on the TK/Woodman train.