Tuesday, October 27, 2009

USGP Louisville Recap

Finally finding the time to recap the weekends events. Where to start.........well let's start with Friday, actually I'll start with Thursday. Typical fall day at the shop, finish a set of tubies for the weekend, and then off to get some wood to build a headboard for Pinky's bed. Everything was going according to plan until the call came changing our Friday departure time to two hours earlier. Now it's pretty late, the headboards done, but I still need to pack and throw it all in the van before I go to bed. Right about now is where a race wheel and a trainer wheel were put aside and left behind, doh!
Friday came and I picked up Bill and headed for the airport to pick up Brad. Pick-up went well and we were on our way to Louisville when I realized I was missing wheels, bummer. While we were driving we got reports that the course was very muddy. Visions of a very busy weekend quickly filled my head.
Saturday morning arrived and everybody got out for a few laps between races to check out the course. There were a number of sloppy mud holes and peanut butter straightaways but the true killers were the 3 long grassy straightaways that were super soft. So soft that your wheels sunk a few inches the whole way. Alex raced first in the 2/3's and had a stellar ride, starting in the back he rode all the way to the front to finish 8th. Chris and I went next in the Jr's/Master's 45+ race, Chris battled the whole race to finish 3rd while I started in the back and worked up to 12th. In the Elite/U23 race we had Bill, Logan, Brad , and Joe. Joe again had a great ride working his way up from a bad start to 20th overall and 3rd U23. Brad finished 43rd, Logan 46th, and Bill 52nd.
Sunday course conditions had improved quite a bit, there were still some mud holes but course changes had shortened some of the power sapping straightaways. Yea.......all the little guys were feeling a little better about their chances. Alex again started in the back and I watched as his race entered the first mud bog after the start. After the first few guys got through they started crashing and Alex and I could of held a conversation while he stood there a waited for the course to clear. It was the ride of the day to work his way up to 9th by the end of the race. Chris had the same battle as yesterday and again ended up 3rd. I wish I could of watched his race but I could hear it as I was racing. I got a better start in my race and after a lap I was in a group of 6 or 7 figuring there was a group ahead of us. Then I heard the announcer say that were the lead group and not long after that we were down to 5 guys. Strange race though, I fell 6 times. None of them fast, twice the guy in front of me crashed and took me down, the rest were just slide outs in the turns. Sure would of been nice to have the Challenge tires instead of the Tufo's, maybe next time I'll bring them. The crash on the last lap was the killer as the race was on and I couldn't get back to the group for the sprint. 5th isn't so bad considering I wanted to quit bike racing the day before! In the Elite all of the KCCX/VERGE riders got a good start and were somewhere on the 30's on the first lap. Joe was on a good ride and got up into the top 20 before he began to struggle. Tough day on bike for him but he hung on for 25th overall and 5th U23. Brad and Bill had better races and finished 34th, and 38th. Logan had a good start and was looking good before a pulled hamstring ended his race.
Overall it was a good weekend, the team rode well and I felt like I got a little more in tune with how the team works. Being a mechanic for the team changes the dynamic of how I race but now that I've got one race weekend under my belt I think it's going to work out just fine. That's a good thing as my results Saturday definitely reflect the stress I was feeling going into the weekend.
Long post so I'll leave you with some pic's from the weekend. I'll have to tell you about Trebon's crash and then about how Power's hit the deck and nearly landed on my feet with one lap to go.

The "GREEN MONSTER", it's true, those steps are really steep. Sydor leading the Womens Elite Race.

Bike wash time!

My bike after Saturday's race.

Da boss and Alex. Alex told me he thought his ride Saturday might be the best ride he'll ever have. I told him if he keeps it up his results will continue to get better. I was right, his ride Sunday was even more impressive.

Still like this picture, the Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld guys are flying. They have it down with the teamwork, fitness, you name it. Helps that Johnson is on the gas right now.

Then there's was this to deal with. Washed quite a few bikes this weekend but it could of been way worse

Yep, those stairs are steep. Bounce your wheel off the stairs and you'll take one in the chops!

Joe got on the podium Saturday, 5th on Sunday, not sure where that leaves him in points.

So that's it from Louisville, Next up for the kids is the Boulder Cup weekend in Colorado. Big race for points to get to Euro cross camp. Wish I could go but family obligations are going to keep me home. For me in Pinky's last soccer game, Halloween, and Boss Cross this weekend.


JB said...

good recap. and a fresh new perspective of how the locals are railing right now.

those kids gotz "wheels"

Coach said...

Nice Job Thomas!