Thursday, December 31, 2009

My day at the races, cross'en out the old year!

The boys and I headed out to the Cross out the Old Year Cross race today to check out the action. I'm still on a bit of a break off the bike so I headed out to watch the Elite race, work the pit a bit, and play in the snow with the boys. It sure looked nice when we left but it sure was cold. The course looked like it melted a bit during the day and by time the Elite race went off it the temps were dropping. It didn't take long during the race for the bikes to ice over and by half way shifters and brakes no longer worked. Check out the ice and Shadd and Adam's bikes.

Nice pic of Shadd, just as he came into my camera's range I see his hand come up for a bike change! Uhhhhhhhh......all I could do is yell next time through. Whoops.

Of course the reason I was taking pictures at all was the fact that there was a woman down in the infield. No accident here, just remember it is New Years eve. I'm not naming names........lets just say they there were some folks that weren't feeling the cold.

Brian was rolling it today. Good course for a guy with a ton of power and Brian has a big motor.

Will got out for his first cross race today and rode well. Tough conditions for his first race, bet the next one will feel easy.

Shadd and Brian were off early.

TLove did the 3-4 race and ended up with a ice block for a bike in the end. Most people had pedals that would not work for most of the race.

T-love after his race, still smiling and having fun @ 20 degrees.

Pinky seems to be feeling the need for a snowball fight. He better start practicing cuz right now he's in big trouble!

Curly went for something a little easier to ride today.
So tonight's the big night, Happy New Years to everybody! See you all in the new year.

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