Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Ride and a pic of Joe....finally!

Finally found a picture of Joe racing in Europe, Yeaaaaa.

Ok, now I realize that I'm a dork who doesn't like to be cold. Add that to the fact that I have no style and really don't care, if it's warm I'll wear it. But before I even got to the door yesterday I heard,"Yo, Todd Wells called and he wants his UGGS back". Yep, the 2010 cycling season is going to be a interesting one. Rolled over to Bill's place for a New Years ride and due to the cold temps it was a fairly short one. Still it was good just to get out on the bike again and it actually wasn't bad after a while.

Yea..... it was that cold. Brrrrrrrrrrr

Missed the memo and forgot to wear my KCCX jacket. What can I say, I went for a something a little thicker. While we were all grumping about the weather Alex was smiling as usual.
Looks like more snow for the cross race tomorrow, should be fun to watch.

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