Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time to get back on the bike......and suffer.

Finally decided to get back on the bike today. It's not like I didn't want to ride. I just didn't feel the need to HTFU and ride outside. What can I say, after the cross season I needed a break. But last week while I was watching the cross race with Mathgeek I came to the conclusion that I'm ready to race again.

So it begins again, got out on the bike today with a starting temp of 28 degrees, not too bad and of course, I overdressed. Still, I'd rather sweat than freeze so it was all good. At least it was good for the first hour, then it started to get ugly. So I did what any bike racer would do......I sat on for a while, and after a while it got hard to sit on. About then Bill suggested we go a bit longer, and I'm sure my pause made him think, but then I told him that I had to head back or he was going to have to push me in. Funny, I almost got Burked in KC! Anyway, after a good a hamstring cramp and finger tips so cold I couldn't shift, I did finally make it home.

I do so love those first few rides of the new season. When you have no idea what your legs have in store for you on the ride. But tomorrow is another day and it's going to be warmer so I'll give another go and see what happens.


Coach said...

Ha - Funny!

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