Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow and it's Derby time!

Woke up to light snow this morning with a forecast of a inch or two. Naturally the weatherman was wrong and we ended up with 6-8 inches instead. Now I've been scrambling to get the Pinewood derby cars ready for tonight's race only to find out that it was announced at the end of school that the races were cancelled. What!!!!!! The snow has ended and the roads are ok! Turns out that they decided to hold the races anyway so off to the races we went.

Pre-race, wondering how our cars are going to work. Stuck the wheels on just before we left the house.

There are races for each of the Cub Scout packs but there is also the Open class, the run whatever you dream up, no limits..... here you have the rock car and the guitar car. Both weigh about 2 pounds.....hmmmmmm rock and steel. The weight limit for a regular derby car is 5oz.

Turns out the rock was actually too heavy and it was slow. The guitar was actually pretty fast.

This one wasn't fast but I don't think that was the plan.

Here we have three scoops of steel balls in a steel bowl. It was close to 3 pounds and pretty fast.

Ummmm yea.... really not sure about this one. Definitely a kid designed car.

Curly's car in action, I swear, the less work you do on a car the faster it goes.

Pretty cool track, even has computerized results.

Good night for the Price boys, fast cars and good times!

Happy boys!
Now if it would just stop snowing..............

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Chris Locke said...

I remember when Christopher and I built his dirby car. I was really surprised at the level of competition at the event. Good times for sure. Nice trophies.