Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not much of a week...but there was a birthday and supercross!

It was Curlys birthday this week. Most kids would go for a cake but he's all about pie so he had a birthday pie. The 2nd grade music program was later that night so the real party would have to wait for the weekend.

Yummy coffee at the High Hat....
No too much going on this week on the bike front, the injury bug has bitten and I'm off the bike. In my last post I mentioned that I took a shot to the knee during a mtb crash. Well, during the week that turned into difficulty walking with out serious pain. Made a few attempts to ride without success so it looks like a few weeks completely off the bike may be in order.

Curly and his buddies at his Birthday sleepover. Nothing like having 4, 8 yr old boys running wild. Oh, the stories I could tell........

This is what Pinky thought of it all. He bailed and stayed over at a friends house to avoid the carnage. Of course he did make it clear to Curly that his room was off limits before he left.

This one is for Troy, Pinkey's still sicking with the vegetarian life while the rest of the family are carnivores. This is what we end up with on Brat night. Mathgeek thought the Tofurky Brat was pretty good, me, not so much, Curly refused to even try. I'm sticking with Curly from here on out with this one.

So on to Supercross.........This week it was Daytona. By far the roughest track in all of Supercross. It's amazing to see the infield of the Daytona Speedway go from manicured grass to a whooped out rutted mess. The announcers pegged the winner, the guy who is comfortable riding on the edge. This is what happens if you make a mistake at Daytona. I've had a few of those in my days racing motocross and I can tell you this, that's gonna leave a mark! Supercross this year has been awesome, for the first time in years there is no one rider that is sure to win every week. With the two of the fastest riders injured the young guys are stepping up to do battle for the championship. Very cool, I love seeing the the kids come up and battle the champions.

Got to get some stuff done and then it's off to bed. I hear the shop went nuts this weekend so it's gonna be a busy Monday. Short week this week and then I'm off to hit the beach.

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t-nuts said...

Pinky sticking to his guns! The Tofurky scientists have spent years perfecting their craft, you've gotten on board at the peak of their Tofurky skills. Enjoy the fruits of their labor:)

And your helping the environment: