Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ice + Tree = OUCH, What a day......

Man it was cold yesterday morning, as in it was 9 degrees when we hopped on our bikes and headed into Minor park. Once we got rolling and warmed up it really wasn't too bad. I was having a good time but reminding myself to be careful on the icy parts. Should of known better to start thinking that because as soon as I let my focus slip I hit a patch of ice and slid just enough to hook a tree with my pedal. Now that tree wasn't very big but it sure stopped me on a dime, and over the bars I went. No that big of a deal, or so I thought. Got back on my bike and started riding but couldn't get clipped in, seems half of my pedal broke off! That's a new one on me but trees will do that. Then we get back to the car and I get that wet feeling on my knee, that usually means blood but there's no mark on the outside of my tights. Hmmmmm, seems the brake lever must of hit my knee because there is a nice slice mark in my knee cap. By time I got to the shop it was a bloody mess. Today I'll just gimp around and see what tomorrow brings.

Curly in action at his schools open house. They did a few songs from their upcoming music program.
Yesterday Curly got sent to the principals office for the first time. Actually I'm kind of surprised it took him this long. It's not that he's a bad kid, far from it. It's just that he is so full of what if's that you have to wonder what 's going to happen when he tries one out at school. So yesterday was the day, he and his buddy decided to see what happens when you clog up the toilets in the boys room. He didn't manage to flood the building but he did get caught. Probably not the best idea to be talking between stalls about what you are doing if you don't want to get caught. Anyway....he gets hauled to the principals office and proceeds to tell her, in detail, how he attempted to clog the toilet. He also told her about how he tried to do it in First grade and it didn't work then either. His principal was all most amused by his honesty but a little concerned by the fact that he didn't see what was wrong with his little experiment. I should of reminded her that this is the kid that mooned her at a school concert before he even started school. Oh well, today he's spending the day in the principals office and with the custodial staff. I guess he will be slipping on the rubber gloves and help cleaning the bathrooms. Should be an interesting conversation when I pick him up from school this afternoon.
Maybe I'll give the trainer a try and see if I can get the knee to bend............probably feel better than walking.


Mark Studnicki said...

Riding the trainer does have it's advantages: Hard effort without the bumps and bruises ! I still prefer to ride outside but I just drew the line in the sand at a different spot this winter.

JB said...

suckville! heal up.

Coach said...

Eli! Funny

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