Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TNW KC style

Yea, tonight's race was the maiden voyage on the new bike. So far, so good, it's lighter and stiffer than last year. Too bad I don't have the legs yet to really push it, but good things come in time. I'm just coming off injuries and illness so I'm on my first week of coaches program. Good things to come for sure

Tonight's crit was a tough one. A big south wind made the uphill side of the course hard and the downhill side screaming fast. Pretty good turnout tonight and you knew it was going to be a rough one with Tilford and the whole Tailwind crew (except for Fuzzy). Attacks went off time and time again until a group finally got away near the end. My Mercy team just didn't have the horsepower to do much about it. Really could of used Joe and Adam but maybe next week. Definitely going to need some more horsepower to deal with Steve and the boys and a few more weeks to gel and figure out how we want to ride as a team. It's going to be an interesting summer!

Choch pulling the group.

Tonight we had an unfortunate incident run in with a Semi on the course. Now everybody knows that the trucks run on the course and if you see one approaching the corner you call it out and wait for it to pass, you don't accelerate and try to use the truck to split the group. Lucky for us the truck locked up his brakes and it wasn't close, but next time be smart and wait.

Tonight's results:
  1. Nick Coil 5
  2. Matt Ankeny 4
  3. Brian Jensen 3
  4. Bill Stolte 2
  5. Shadd Smith 1

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JB said...

TP- Like the new rig, very nice!