Tuesday, April 6, 2010

KC Crit in the Rain

Got to the Crit early tonight and it was looking like this. Not good but if you looked at the radar it looked like the storm might just miss. Yea, wish full thinking.........

Just about race time and it's getting darker. I'm back at the van getting arm warmers because while I was standing there with the crew a gust of wind came in and dropped the temp at least 5 degrees. Race time came and so good so far, no rain! It only took about half the race before the rain started, at first a teaser sprinkle with giant raindrops, and then the skies opened up and it came down in buckets. At one point it was really hard to see but the rain relented and on we went. After a ton of attacks Bill rolled off and Luke and I covered the attacks saving Shadd for a later. After a few laps Shadd jumped and got across to Bill and and again Luke and I had to cover every attack to keep them away. Overall the team did a much better job working together. This week the rider count was down and the Tailwind guys weren't here so we'll just have to keep working on it. In the end I blew the field sprint with a number of errors, duh, should of waited to go and the grabbed the wheel that got 3rd. Maybe next week! By the way, I heard that about half of the field dropped out once the rain started falling, what's up with that? If it rains when you travel to a race do you keep the bike in the car? Training races are the perfect place to get comfortable on a wet course.

Anyway, places and points...........

Tue KC Crit:
  1. Shadd Smith
  2. Bill Marshall
  3. Mark Cole
  4. Josh
  5. David Hejduk


I'll get them up tomorrow, I want to make some changes but I need to go to bed.


LoganVB said...

Look forward to doing these with you guys this summer!

Mark Studnicki said...

A lot of guys starting sitting up once the big drops started falling. Unfortunately, if you we behind those guys, you were left with either a big gap to cross by yourself or end the night right there. I already did a couple of the first option, but my full-time job limits how many of those I can do.

Steve said...

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